why prefer a holiday home to the hotel?

The advantages of a vacation home

Why preferring a holiday home short rent to the hotel?

The advantages of a home vacation:

Spending holidays in a home residence certainly has its advantages and, if we can summarize them in one word, the one that first comes to mind is certainly “freedom”.

If you go to a hotel, it is true that you will be “served and revered”, but you will always have to observe at the times set by the structure: get up and leave the room within X hours, have breakfast within hours, have lunch and / or dine from to…

In a holiday home you will have FREEDOM:

Freedom of movement:

you can manage your time as you like. After a year of standing up, why not enjoy your holidays in a proper way?

Freedom in the kitchen:

you choose what to eat and when, without being bound by the menus and hotel times.

short let flat near malpensa
short let flat near malpensa airport
Freedom to do the shopping food and eat what you prefer:

shopping is another opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of the vacation spot, discovering local producers and markets, taste new products and learn new recipes! Going out for dinner will be a pleasure diversion.

Do you find that the benefits seem to you enough? So you just have to try!

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